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8 May
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I've been lurking around various lj communities for awhile and thought it was perhaps time to get a journal myself. A lot of my free time is spent writing. I generally write historical fiction, although I have recently branched off into fanfiction and am loving it. I'm also an artist, although I've been admittedly slacking in the department that last few years, most of my work is digital design now.

I love music, I can't stand not having any on. My current favorite band is Margot & the Nuclear So and So's.

I've recently become obsessed with vampires, after years of making fun of people for being obsessed with vampires. I still kind of think they are campy and cheesy and lame, but also utterly awesome. It's a problem. Speaking of, I wouldn't call myself a 'fan' of Twilight. I can't stand Bella. Or Edward. I just . . . I just like Carlisle. A lot. (See above for "obsessed with vampires" and below for more on my lab coat fetish.) Peter Facinelli being gorgeous and awesome is not helping. Actually I like all the non-Edward Cullens just fine and the Volturi amuse the hell out of me (I especially love Aro). I also loved the very cheesy but very endearing "Moonlight," as well as books like Dracula, 'Salem's Lot and The Historian. What can I say? I'm a sucker for vampires--and lame plays-on-words, apparently!

Television-wise, House is tops (House, Wilson and Chase are my favorites. Taub is growing on me), followed by Scrubs (Janitor, Turk, Kelso). Finally saw Nurse Jackie (moar PFach. Yay). Never got into Grey's or ER, but I love pretty much all those shows on Discovery Health--Mystery Diagnosis, Diagnosis X, Untold Stories of the ER, Medical Incredible, etc etc. Medical shows FTW. Other shows I love: The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Simpsons, South Park and the late, great West Wing. President Bartlet, how I wish you were real.

My first love, however, has been and forever will be Ancient Egypt. The Amarna Period is my favorite, in fact the whole 18th dynasty is pretty awesome. I cannot stand Ramesses II or Cleopatra. My other favorite era of history is late Imperial Russia, and I find pretty much all the late Victorian/Edwardian royalty of Europe to be utterly fascinating.
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