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19 January 2011 @ 12:10 pm
headache, oh headache  
So let's see. . . I've been sleeping like crap and plagued by stiff necks and headaches, so I bought a new pillow today that is supposed to offer more support, so maybe I will wake up tomorrow not feeling like crap?  That would be so great!

(That was super exciting, wasn't it?)

In less self-centered, whiny news, my grandmother recently underwent hip-replacement surgery after a fall.  She's fine, in good spirits, and I went with my parents up to visit her when she was in the bigger, better hospital upstate.  I have to admit that my medical science fascination nearly made an ass out of me more than few times as I wandered the hospital halls and was all "OMG it's like being on a TV show!!" and I somehow managed to rein myself in and didn't get up to read what was on the bags hanging from the IV stand although I was insanely curious.  

The weather has been heavy on the ice and snow, so the library has closed a lot, which means I haven't been working, which means I am running through my much smaller paychecks  with alarming quickness.  Hopefully things will settle down here shortly.
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