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05 October 2010 @ 09:56 am
she's aliiiiive  
So, I'm still not dead.  I just have sucked at livejournal lately.  again.  Sorry?  I've been working a ton because one of the co-workers moved away and we haven't hired someone to replace her yet so we're all stretched thin to cover her shifts.  Today is the first day that I haven't had to set foot in the library in a month.  So, woo.  I am going to spend it sitting on my ass doing absolutely NOTHING, and it is going to MARVELOUS.

Although of course I woke up with a headache, but this peppermint tea and ibuprofen should make short work of that!  Try to ruin MY day, headache?  I THINK NOT!

Hmmm.  My brother is moving in with his girlfriend which is kind of weird.  It will be strange not having him around all the time.  I want to see "Let Me In."  The book was eerie and disturbing but I understand they've toned it down for the movie(s)--although I haven't seen the Swedish original yet, either.   I have about zero interest in the subject matter of "The Social Network," but I loooooove Aaron Sorkin's work and he wrote it so maybe I will see it anyway.  

House is pissing me off because I really don't give a crap about his 'romance' with Cuddy.  And this is not because I am opposed to Cuddy, but that a) if I wanted romance to be the focus of my doctor show, I would just watch Grey's Anatomy (which I don't) and b) House is an ASS.  He is essentially unlovable.  Why would any woman ever fall for him?  He's nasty to everyone.  Glee, on the other hand, continues to be cheesily amusing.  I mostly just watch it for the evil cheerleading coach though, she's my favorite. And that one cheerleader who is really dumb and says amusing things that make no sense.  I like her too.

All these rumors and updates about Breaking Dawn: The Movie make my heart want to vomit.  They are seriously making this movie?  Really?  Without like, massive (MASSIVE!!!) changes?  So we're going to have one whole movie about how the evil demon fetus is killing the protagonist (honestly, I hate Bella.  GO, DEMON FETUS, GO!), and then a SECOND movie about how sweet and adorable the evil demon baby turns out to be?  With Benjamin Button effects? 

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